Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Robots for Wind Farms

Project Title: Robots For Wind Farms
Funding body: SEAI
Duration: 36 M (01/01/2022-31/12/2025)
Coordintaor: UL
Partners/Collaborators: EnergyPro, SFPC
UL Team: Daniel Toal PI, Gerard Dooly, Anthony Weir, Edin Omerdic 



The Robots for Wind Farms projects addresses SEAI’s central remit of bringing about a low carbon economy through measures and activities focused on the transition to a smarter and more sustainable energy future.
• Accelerate the development and deployment in the Irish marketplace of competitive energy-related products, processes and systems: specifically, the Robots for Wind Farms proposal will developtest, support and catalyse roll out of robot technology for the growing wind farm sector inspection and maintenance.
• Support solutions that enable technical and other barriers to market uptake to be overcome: the Robots for Wind Farms robotic systems development is necessary for installation, operation – inspection and maintenance of wind farm infrastructure in the challenging environments of the off-shore environment. This project directly addresses technical barriers of operating in challenging wind farm sites and will contribute to lowering the LCOE.


Project Videos/Images/Illustrations