Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Robotic Vessels as-a-Service

Project Title:  Robotic Vessels as-a-Service (RoboVaaS)
Duration: 36 M extended (01/03/2018-30/11/2021)
Coordintaor: Fraunhofer Centre for Maritime Logistics and Service, Germany
Partners: Here
UL Team: Gerard Dooly PI,  Anthony Weir, Dinesh Babu Durababu, Petar Trslic 



The project aims at validating the high-level RoboVaaS vision via a selection of identified services by addressing near-shore maritime operations that have a strong benefit on automation and digitisation: The anti-grounding service allows a ship to book an USV that travels ahead for safe guidance through shallow water. The inspection service can be ordered by ships to get a robotic hull and propeller inspection via USV and ROVs while e.g. loading or bulking in port. The data collection service has a wide range of application such as measuring ship emissions or cost-efficient autonomous bathymetry survey of waterways with an USV. RoboVaaS will perform necessary scientific and technological developments to validate these services on three levels in real (small- and large-scale) and virtual (full-scale) demonstrations..


Within RoboVaaS, MRC will modify the existing I-ROV systems to enable the machine vision for the inspection service and contribute to developing a virtual environment to demonstrate the RoboVaaS service offline..


Project Videos/Images/Illustrations

Demo Portroe lake 2020