Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Drug Interdiction by Utilising Smart Drones (GUARD)

Project Title: Drug Interdiction by Utilising Smart Drones (GUARD)
Funding body: DTIF
Duration: 36 M (01/11/2021-30/10/2024)
Coordintaor: Tyndall
Partners: UL, A-TechSYN ltd, Communication Technology, Ocean Print
UL Team:Gerard Dooly PI, Petar Trslic, 



The goal of the GUARD project is to overcome current limitations, support Naval Services with an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Solution to improve maritime security, and position Ireland as a leader in the field of smart drones. The proposed solution will a) provide state of the art sensors, software and technology specifically developed and integrated for maritime operations and drug interception, b)) have permission to fly in civil airspace and c) provide low cost of ownership and maintenance. The GUARD UAS can be operated from the ships at harsh sea conditions (Beaufort-6/7) as well as the land..


Project Videos/Images/Illustrations