Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Field Tests & Deployments

The technology we develop in the research centre can only be proven effectively in field trials and we aim to carry out these trials as much as viably possible. Over the years we have mobilised and integrated onto various ships offshore and have conducted subsea and aerial operations both in Ireland and on the continent. Generally each cruise lasts a full week.

Shown below is a table detailing all of our offshore field trials since 2002 and a brief list detailing our most recent trips.


Field Trial Date ROV Support Vessel
Portroe RoboVaaS project Sept-Oct 2020 MRE ROV and I-ROV none
Shipwreck Survey MI January 2019 MRE ROV Celtic Explorer
Survey MI - testing MRE ROV May 2018 MRE ROV ILV Granuaile
Portroe Work Class ROV Trial November 2016 Holland I none
Shannon Foynes Port Company Survey April 2016 none Shannon I
NETMAR April 2013 Latis I.L.V. Granuaile
NATO October 2012 Latis C.R.V. Leonardo
CE-12-012 September 2012 Latis R.V. Celtic Explorer
Irish Naval Service March 2012 Latis LÉ Eithne
CV-11-026 December 2011 Latis R.V. Celtic Voyager
CV-10-029 August 2010 Latis R.V. Celtic Voyager
CE-10-010 April 2010 Holland I R.V. Celtic Explorer
Limerick Dock July 2009 Latis Shannon I
CE-09-04 March 2009 Latis R.V. Celtic Explorer


The Portroe ROV Trial, 21-25 November 2016, was held under a Marine Institute 2016 Shiptime Programme. The HollandI, Work Class ROV, was used to test our recent research efforts, in a disused quarry near Portroe, Ireland.

The Shannon Foynes Port Company commissioned us for a mole inspection in the Shannon Foynes Port. We did a sonar survey of the said mole in the early April 2016.

This exercise was focused around the use of remote vehicles for oil spill response offshore. Known as exercise 'Cathach' this multi-agency operation brought together European and Irish agencies for a two day scenario in the Shannon Estuary, Ireland.

The MMRRC joined the NATO underwater research centre in La Spezia, Italy for offshore field testing of an anti-mine countermeasure system involving ROV LATIS and a modified untethered VideoRAY

This survey was planned in collaboration with the Underwater Archaeology Unit, Ireland, with a focus of deep water survey of various shipwrecks in lying off the coast of Donegal. The survey was undertaken with the support of the Marine Institute, Ireland aboard the Irish Research Vessel Celtic Explorer for a full seven days.

The MMRRC were contracted to complete an ROV mounted high resolution survey of two shipwreck outside Cork Harbour, Ireland. This project was completed in collaboration with the Irish Naval Service and the Underwater Archaeology Unit, using the Naval vessel LÉ Eithne as a support vessel.