Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Confirm - Smart Manufacturing Ireland

Project Title: Confirm centre Phase 1 and 2 & 
Funding body: SFI
Coordintaor: UL
Partners: Here
UL  CRIS Team: Thomas Newe (PI), Daniel Toal PI, Gerard Dooly, Edin Omerdi, Muzaffar Rao, Iman Abaspur Kazerouni


The SFI research centre CONFIRM is born from collaboration of 8 core research performing organisations in Ireland, 16 international collaborations, and 42 industry partners across MNC and SME sectors. CONFIRM aims to transform Ireland’s manufacturing industry to become a world-leader in smart manufacturing. The manufacturing sector is the second largest employer in Ireland and accounts for €110 billion in exports. Smart manufacturing optimises production systems, adding intelligence and enhanced information technology. These new technologies will be at the heart of the factories of the future, increasing product line adaptability, enabling real-time decision making, shortening supply-chains, and speeding up the development of new innovations to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs across all industry sectors. CONFIRM will be revolutionary for Irish manufacturing competitiveness, delivering the technological advances and expertise for a smart manufacturing innovation ecosystem, enabling companies to compete within the rapidly changing global landscape, and boosting Ireland’s reputation as a leading international manufacturing location.

The team at CRIS team has designed, built and operated smart robotic platforms, mobile robots and industrial robots with advanced control functionality, and we are looking forward to continue our research in the smart manufacturing.


SMART 4.0 Marie Skłodowska-Curie CONFIRM programme