Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Areas of Research

Our reserach focuses on varity of technical fields related to marine/industrial robotics and renewable energy. 


  • >> Remotely operated vehicles smart systems- fault tolerant control, auto tuning, one-click auto survey, augmented reality visualisations (transparent ocean).
  • >> Remote & auto flight control of tethered parafoil kites for airborne wind energy & aerial sensor/comms platforms.
  • >> Sensored telemetry streaming from fixed wing aircraft, system identification, controller design.
  • >> Emergency response exercise planning & coordination. UAVs deployed in segregated airspace over three day exercise. Key partners: Irish Aviation Authority, Irish Naval Service, Irish Coast Guard, Commissioner of Irish Lights.
  • >> Long Range High Bandwidth commsremote presence, live interaction with distant robotic vehicles independent of existing infrastructure.
  • >> Ocean sensing platforms with daughter mini ROVs- for persistent remote presence offshore with global satellite comms (controlled & monitored anywhere in world independent of existing infrastructure).
  • >> Virtual and augmented reality. 
  • >> Airborne Wind Energy Systems Modelling, Control and Optimisation
  • >> Battery and Electric Vehicles