Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Anthony Weir

Anthony is a Research Assistant in the Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS) at the University of Limerick. He has Diploma in Mechanical engineering from GMIT. Anthony has more than 10 years of experience in the Marine sector working in Offshore operations with ROVs, AUVs and UAVs. He worked with different Subsea vehicles and the relevant manipulation systems (Schilling Titan 2 ,3 &4s, Conan’s, Orion’s Atlas , Rig masters and Hydrolek) both as rate and Spatially correspondent. His experience includes also work on high voltage systems up to 5000 Volts and subsea export lines up to 250,000Volts. His work in the CRIS includes installation, operation and maintenance of CRIS’s ROVs systems and offshore operation. Anthony is also a keen traditional boat builder and he has been actively involved in traditional boat-building program teaching disadvantaged people traditional crafts..

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