Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Aoife Hegarty

Aoife received her Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) award in Mechanical Engineering from the Institute of Technology, Sligo. She is currently a Cullen Fellow with the Marine Institute in Galway in collaboration with CRIS (PhD Student), working on Technologies for Routine Low-Cost Ocean Observation.

Previous projects include a Wave Energy Converter: A team project that incorporated the design, build, testing and analysis of a prototype device that can convert the mechanical motion of ocean waves into electrical energy. This project was a runner-up in Engineers Ireland Innovative Student Engineer Awards 2013, Level 7. Another project involved the Data Acquisition and Wave Modelling of Ocean Swells, aimed to more accurately predict their effect on the power output from a Wave Energy Converter. The project synthesis necessitated the design and fabrication of a Wave Buoy with integral data recording process.

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