Sunday, October 2, 2022
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MaREI - Robotics for Marine Renewable Energy

Project Title: MaREI centre Phase 1 and 2 & OM-MaREI Spoke
Funding body: SFI
Coordintaor: UCC
Partners: Here
UL  CRIS Team: Daniel Toal PI, Thomas Newe (FI), Edin Omerdic, Gerard Dooly, Jacqueline Walker, Luke FitzGerald (PhD), Shasahank Rao (PhD), Constantinos M 


MaREI Phase 1 & 2

CRIS is part of MaREI (Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland), a marine and renewable energy-based research, development and innovation centre supported by Science Foundation Ireland. Our research under MaREI falls under several areas: Observation, Monitoring and Operations, Operations Support Engineering and Observation and Monitoring for Marine Renewable Energy, OM-MaREI. 


Operations Support Engineering is led by CRIS team. It applies fundamental research to support large scare MRE operations via ICT and robotics for construction/roll out, inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM), monitoring and control. The work spans smart technology; wireless (& subsea) sensors; monitoring for wave/wind/tidal regime; ICT hardware; marine robotics: remote presence; augmented reality; remote control and monitoring systems and hardware in the loop integrated development.

Marine Infrastructure Monitoring and Control operations include developing the marine communications and remote presence infrastructure, with an objective to operate that infrastructure for best economic energy production and to minimize risks while protecting the environment.

We have been partner in number of individual projects under MaREI funding focusing on i) the design and testing of novel wave, tidal and offshore wind energy systems and ii) on applying innovative technologies such as the development of Remotely Operated Vehicles capable of operating in the challenging wave, current and strong wind conditions of the marine/offshore environments.


MaREI Phase 1 

Project Title: Real-Time Vision Systems for Underwater Robotics
Aim: The principal goal of this project is the development of sensor-based approaches for MRE monitoring and inspection. This includes acoustic and camera-based imaging for registration, positioning, navigation and visualisation to facilitate ROV inspection

Project Title: Novel smart inspection-class ROV for use in chellenging conditions
Aim: The principal goal of this project is to address the challenges involved in operating ROVs in wave and current regimes associated with MRE projects. This includes developing advanced inspection robotics, and to trial the developed technology offshore.

Project Title: Smart Enhanced Performance Intervention ROVs Control System Advancements for Marine work-class ROV Mnipulators
Aim: The principal goal of this project is to address the challenges relating to the performance of ROVs in high-energy MRE sites. This includes real-time video and high-resolution sonar servoing systems to develop control strategies for intervention in motion.

Project Title: Distribution Control System and Novel Power take off Methode for Pumping mode airborne Wind Energy
Aim:The principal goal of this project is to investigate the potential for airborne wind energy using kites as a suitable technology for floating production platforms offshore, as an alternative to conventional large-scale civil works.

Project Title: SonarSim. 
Aim: To investigate the use of 3D reconstruction systems for marine-based inspections. This includes the development of image-based approaches and extraction of registration/navigation data as a live output.

MaREI Phase 2 

Project Title: Imaging Systems and Real-Time Image Processing for Field Robotics for Marine Renewable Energy Farms Operations Support. 
Aim: The project will address the development of real-time image processing for field robotics used in the marine environment. With the research of this PhD, the aim is to have imaging results generated/developed and available to the pilot in real-time, enabling improved mission completion. 

Project Title: Software Defined Radio (SDR) Platform for Inter-Device Communication in Offshore Marine Research and Renewable Energy Applications 
Aim: To build a flexible SDR platform based on existing open source SDR tools such as GNUradio and will use this to model and simulate the WEC arrays implementing global control which will necessitate the development of bespoke software for new GNUradio blocks.


OM-MaREI Spoke

The goal of the OM-MaREI Spoke has been to position Ireland as a leading location for Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) including offshore wind wave and tidal energy supported by test-bed infrastructure. The OM-MaREI Spoke applied innovative observation and monitoring technologies to enhance and integrate Ireland’s marine and renewable energy resources. The spoke support several individual projects with a number of industry stakeholders.

Project Title: Extended Horizon, Satellite Maritime Communications Systems.
Aim: To research, specify and adopt low-cost, high bandwidth real-time maritime communications to serve future, significant widely distributed MRE infrastructure.

Project Title: Remote Presence Monitoring and Control of MRE Infrastructure and Installed Robotic and Sensor Systems.
Aim: To research, develop and implement remote presence systems to reduce the requirement for expensive onsite maintenance of MRE and other infrastructure offshore.

Project Title: Monitoring Of Electrical Utility Infrastructure Remotely Including UAVs.
Aim: The development of substation battery condition monitoring system including secure data transfer from substation to a centralised processing facility for data logging and analysis including fault prediction and reporting. The development and implementation of marinised unmanned airborne systems for the maritime environment that reduces the requirement for expensive onsite inspection of MRE and other electrical infrastructure offshore

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