Friday, February 26, 2021
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MaREI - Marine Renewable Energy Ireland

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Our centre is an integral part of MaREI, the SFI Centre for Marine & Renewable Energy.
MaREI has built upon the excellent track record of well-established marine and energy-based research groups across each of our academic partners, covering a wide range of cross-cutting topics across these spaces, including device design and modelling, energy conversion and storage, novel materials and structural testing, operations and decision support, energy policy and modelling, and environmental monitoring. The PI team comprises internationally recognised experts in these fields from UCC, NUIG, UL, MU, UCD, and CIT, who have complementary research backgrounds key to providing the underpinning research necessary for Ireland to achieve commercially successful marine and energy industries.

The scientific research programme is organised into seven Research areas:
RA1 - Marine Renewable Energy Technology
RA2 - Materials & Structures
RA3 - Observation & Operations
RA4 - Coastal & Marine Systems
RA5 – Bioenergy
RA6 - Energy Policy & Modelling
RA7 - Energy Management

CRiS is a leading partner in RA3 Observation & Operations. The research is developed under main MaREI award, and OM-MaREI spoke. Observation & Operations focuses on applying innovative technologies in observation and monitoring to enhance and integrate Ireland's Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) test sites, as well as on the development of remote monitoring and inspection systems for MRE devices and installations. The research covers the development of advanced inspection and operation systems, operations of offshore airborne wind energy technologies, optimisation of offshore wind turbine array operations, ocean observation, and marine infrastructure monitoring and control. The development of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) with smart cameras and sonars, a high degree of autonomy, and the ability to operate in challenging conditions, such as strong wave and current, will substantially reduce the cost of inspection and intervention of MRE projects. Ocean observation aims to improve the forecasting of weather, wind, tidal current, surge, electrical storm, etc. by streaming LIDAR, satellite radar and met-ocean data to a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment for data fusion. Marine Infrastructure Monitoring and Control develops the marine communication and remote presence monitoring and control necessary to protect large investments in MRE capital infrastructure, thus ensuring the infrastructure is operated for the best economic energy production and minimising risks while protecting the environment.

More info on MaREI website.

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