Thursday, June 27, 2019
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MaREI - Marine Renewable Energy Ireland

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MaREI - Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland, is a marine and renewable energy-based research, development and innovation centre supported by Science Foundation Ireland. As a centre of excellence for Marine Renewable Energy, MaREI aims to unlock the potential of our marine and renewable energy resources through the power of research and innovation which supports Industry through integrated and collaborative research.

MaREI has built upon the excellent track record of well-established marine and energy-based research groups across each of our academic partners, covering a wide range of cross-cutting topics across these spaces, including device design and modelling, energy conversion and storage, novel materials and structural testing, operations and decision support, energy policy and modelling, and environmental monitoring. The PI team comprises internationally recognised experts in these fields from UCC, NUIG, UL, MU, UCD, and CIT, who have complementary research backgrounds key to providing the underpinning research necessary for Ireland to achieve commercially successful marine and energy industries. A primary focus for MaREI is the development of strategic long-term relationships with industry partners. While working closely with the industry, MaREI researchers also engage with policy makers, legislators, NGOs and community groups in addressing societal challenges in the marine and renewable energy sectors.

The scientific research programme is organized into Platform Themes undertaking underpinning scientific research and a series of Targeted Projects, pertinent to the industry partners, assorted under Spoke headings.

MaREI project organization

P1 – MRE Device Design Innovation and Optimisation
P2 – Optimisation of MRE Conversion
P3 – Coastal & Marine Management
P4 – Novel Materials & Structural Systems for MRE
P5 – Observation, Monitoring and Operations
P6 – Integrated Energy Systems Modelling

Spoke 1: Marine Renewable Energy Devices
Spoke 2: Novel Materials for MRE Systems
Spoke 3: Power Take-off and Energy Storage for MRE
Spoke 4: Operations Support Engineering
Spoke 5: MRE Decision Support and Data Management
Spoke 6: Observation and Monitoring for Marine Renewable Energy, OM-MaREI


The UL's Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre is part of MaREI. It's research under MaREI falls under: P5, S4 and S6, while UL iComp Centre ( at UL undertakes Research in composite materials for MRE.

Spoke 4 - Operations Support Engineering is led by MMRRC at the University of Limerick. It applies fundamental research to support large scare MRE operations via ICT and robotics for construction/roll out, inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM), monitoring and control. The work will span smart technology; wireless (& subsea) sensors; monitoring for wave/wind/tidal regime; marinised ICT hardware; marine robotics: remote presence; augmented reality; remote control and monitoring systems and hardware in the loop integrated development.

Spoke 6 Strand 2 - Marine Infrastructure Monitoring and Control is led by MMRRC at the University of Limerick. The principal goal is to develop the marine communications and remote presence infrastructure, to operate that infrastructure for best economic energy production and to minimize risks while protecting the environment.

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