Friday, February 26, 2021
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Electric Vehicles

The electrification of transport is an increasing important topic from the point of view of:

  • limiting greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change; 
  • reducing pollution and improving air quality particularly in urban areas; 
  • providing alternatives to petroleum, particularly for countries with little or no oil resources; 
  • higher utilization of the electricity grid and its potential for increased, adoption of renewable resources like wind, solar and biomass.

Much development has been done over the years and electric vehicles are being manufactured and sold by a variety of companies.   Such vehicles work very well in general and are improving in both increased performance and cost reduction though economies of scale in production. However, the key limitations of battery electric vehicle have always been, and still is: their limited range from a single battery charge AND the significant time taken to recharge.

Interestingly, the vast majority of journeys made by the average motorist are within the range of existing electric vehicles. The problem lies with the small percentage (say 2%) of trips that cannot be completed on a single charge. As battery capacities increase, the percentage of journey lengths achievable increases but the fundamental problem is not eliminated.

Research at the University of Limerick is based on both assessing this range limitations and researching solutions to mitigate or eliminate it in the future.

Electric Vehicle Work in the University of Limerick in CRIS:

Earlier Work in the University of Limerick 

ESB Charge point at the University of Limerick 

EV Recharging and Infrastructure 

DC Chargers and Power Electronics


  • Advanced batteries for Electric Vehicle (EV) integrated with grid storage

  • Remote Substation Battery Monitoring System

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