Monday, January 27, 2020
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AEOLUS - a mid-altitude surveillance platform

AEOLUS kite and sensor platform

The AEOLUS programme is a joint collaboration between a number of prominent organisations in Ireland, to develop AEOLUS, a mid-altitude surveillance platform for use in security, health and safety operations.

AEOLUS sensor platformThe overall goal of the project is increasing the application of advanced technology by the Irish Naval Services (INS) to enhance its operational effectiveness and efficiency. The main objectives by which that goal will be achieved are: integrating airborne technology on an INS ship to reduce fuel consumption, utilising the kite elevation to increase surveillance capabilities for the vessel below, and using a mid-altitude sensor platform that is attached to the kite to help in security, search & rescue and environmental monitoring applications.

The mid-altitude sensor platform, funded under Enterprise Ireland's Commercialisation Fund, will primarily operate in a marine setting. As such, it will be subjected to particularly harsh conditions such as high gusty winds, driving rain, direct strong sunlight, significant temperature variations, etc. It is essential to test and trial the platform in the operating environment to ensure it's reliability and high performance.

The following partners are participating in the development and the testing of the system: the Center for Robotics & Inteligent Systems based at the University of Limerick, Nimbus Centre for Embedded Systems and Halpin Centre for Research and Innovation at NMCI, both based out of Cork Institute of Technology, the Irish Defence Forces, Enterprise Ireland, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster.

For more information visit AEOLUS website.

AEOLUS partners