Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems

The Center for Robotics & Intelligent Systems CRIS (formerly MMRRC - Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre) is the only research centre in Ireland focused on robotic applications and development of marine robotics within the island of Ireland.

Established in 2000 in University of Limerick by Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniel Toal, the research centre brings together a highly capable engineering group consisting of postdoctoral researches and PhD students from various disciplines including electronic, computer, mechanical and aeronautical engineering backgrounds. The group is focused on developing practical and industrial relevant marine technologies.

Current Research Projects

  1. RoboVaaS MarTERA ERA-NET-COFUND (PI: Joe Coleman)
  2. EUMR H2020 Infrastructure (PI: Gerard Dooly)
  3. MARINET 2 (PI: Daniel Toal)
  4. EXCELLABUST - TWIN H2020 project (PI: Edin Oomerdić)
  5. Semi-autonomous UAV landing in challenging conditions (PI: Daniel Toal)
  6. Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Inshore Bathymetric Survey (PI: Daniel Toal)
  7. MORUS - Unmanned system for maritime security and environmental monitoring (PI: Edin Omerdić)
  8. MRE ROV for Challenging (Wave, Tidal, Wind) Conditions (PI: Daniel Toal)
  9. OM-MaREI - Observation and monitoring of marine renewable energy infrastructure (PI: Daniel Toal)
  10. Technologies for routine low cost ocean observation (PI: Daniel Toal)
  11. Societal Challenges 2 and LEIT (PI: Daniel Toal)
  12. ICT 23 ICT 24 (PI: Daniel Toal)
  13. AWESCO - Airborne wind energy system modelling, control and optimisation (PI: Daniel Toal)
  14. SFI MaREI (PI: Daniel Toal)

Completed Research Projects

  1. DARIUS - Deployable SAR Integrated Chain with Unmanned Systems
  2. ROV LATIS use in MCM trials aboard RV Leonardo on collaboration with NURC La Spezia Italy
  3. Shiptime Programme 27 Feb 2009, 8 days - RV Celtic Explorer. RV-ST-09_06, Novel imaging and Control Technology Research on ROV Latis with integrated Science Survey Missions, Chief Scientist D Toal
  4. HEA- Research Equipment Renewal 2007. ROV Latis - Deployment System (Optical Fibre Umbilical Winch). Smart ROV - unique in Irish and rare in European Universities, (Bremen , Kiel, Ghent, Bergin)
  5. HEA RFES ’08, CPI Energy & Marine labs, includes Marine Robotics labs, ROV topside controls
  6. Marine RTDI ’05 IND Project. ‘ROV Control System Development’
  7. HEA PRTLI 4, Environment and Climate Change National Platform, UL PI - D Toal, UL Research themes:- ROV / marine sensing platforms, environmental sensors and seabed sediments
  8. MARINE - Maritime Incident Research and Innovation Network (Partners in Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland) INTERREG IIIB Atlantic Area. Irish PI - Dr D Toal
  9. Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Technology Development 2007 (CFTD 313) MPPTRing - Multi-Purpose Platform Technologies for offshore operations
  10. Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Technology Development 2007 (CFTD 323) PulseRT Realtime Sidedescan Sonar, Multibeam. Echosounder and Underwater video simulation
  11. Charles Parsons Energy Research Awards UL, Project Themes include - Marine renewable energy, Ocean Systems Modelling & Simulation for Energy from Ocean
  12. Marine RTDI’05 Post Doc - Offshore Aquaculture Technologies
  13. Marine RTDI INF/06/013. Modular High Resolution Imaging Platform, Thrusted Pontoon/ROV
  14. NDP Marine RTDI Desk Study, DK/05/03. ‘Platforms for Marine Monitoring’
  15. EI ST/00/113, PI D Toal, AUV Employing Adaptive AI for Underwater Filming/Inspection
  16. Deep Ocean Habitat Mapping Using an ROV, HEA PRTLI 3. (High-resolution video and sonar imaging/mapping to 1,000m depth of deep-sea coral mounds on the edge of the continental shelf off Ireland using an ROV with INS and USBL). CE0505 - Research Cruise, RV Celtic Explorer 10th - 27th June 2005. Integration of state-of-the-art Multi-beam sonar (Reson 8125) with navigation equipment (PHINS, GAPS, DVL, Depth sensor, two GPS) for the first time
  17. Deployment of AUVs in the hazardous seabed environment. (HEA PRTLI 3)
  18. Mini AUV developed for filming inspection of sea-cages, EI funded, ST2000/113
  19. Neural Networks in AUV control. (PhD research funded by IRCSET)
  20. Equipping Autonomous Mobile Robots with Arms (IRCSET funded project)
  21. Development of a Semi-Autonomous Control System (autopilot functionality) for an ROV (HEA PRTLI 3)
  22. Real-time High Resolution Imaging (side scan and multibeam) Sonar Simulator Development. (PhD research funded by HEA PRTLI 3)
  23. Integrated Seabed model, real-time imaging sonar simulator, and ROV/AUV vehicle simulator development. (Funded by HEA PRTLI 3)
  24. Novel Sensors for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Underwater Monitoring Applications. Development of Short-Range Sensors for Obstacle Classification on AUVs. (PhD research funded by DAAD). Research Cruise: - Multidisciplinary deep-sea geo-science survey expedition from Nuuk, Greenland to Dublin, Ireland, August/September 2003 aboard the (Russian) RV Professor Logachev. Part of The IOC-UNESCO Training Through Research 13 (TTR-13) programme
  25. SLAM based navigation of AUV using exteroperceptive sensors (video and sonar)
  26. Mobile Agricultural Robot: Architecture for the development of technology and acquisition of data in Agricultural Precision Investigation of navigation sensor fusion with fuzzy logic in behaviour based control
  27. Other research funding, various agencies (IRCSET, EI, British Council, DAAD, Marine Institute, etc.