Friday, February 26, 2021
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New Project: H2020 Risk-Aware Automated Port Inspection Drone (RAPID) Submit

20th  June  2020

The EU-funded RAPID project will combine and extend drone technology to deliver a fully automated and safety-assured maintenance inspection service for bridges, ship hull surveys and more. Specifically, the service will combine self-sailing unmanned surface vehicles with autonomous unmanned aerial systems. The project aim is to reduce the time and cost of structural condition monitoring of maritime transport infrastructures such as material-handling equipment, cargo and passenger ships, and bridges. RAPID project will save lives by delivering an early warning system that will detect critical deterioration in transport system infrastructure, while also minimising system disruption and delays to critical supply-chains.

The project is coordinated by the University of West Scotland and with a total budget of €4.9m. Our team will be led by Dr Gerard Dooly. CRIS primary role will be in the development of perception systems for UAS including UAS tracking systems, SLAM, and sense & avoid, we will also work on computer vision and control system development for autonomous landing to USV.

The online kick-off meeting of the project was held on 17th June. For more on RAPID project stay tuned @


Tech Feile Festival, Shannon Airport, 4th March 2020

4th  March  2020

We took part in Tech Feile Festival held at Shannon Airport on 4th March. The event was a part of the SFI Science week. Tech Feile Festival is the biggest national celebration for young people in Ireland to showcase their creative technology projects through Irish. More than 400 young people from over 55 schools received recognition for their inventions, creative materials and inspiration. As one of the exhibitors, UL CRIS team promoted research in renewable energy and marine robotics. The event was a great opportunity to meet some of the Tech Feile Festival organisers and discuss the future collaboration.


Demo UAV, Ballykinlar, Northern Ireland, 4th March 2020

4th  March  2020

On 4th March, CRIS team run a demo of the new UAV (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle CGT50-VTOL ) in Ballykinlar, Northern Ireland. It was a joint activity with A-techSYN (CGT50-VTOL manufacturer) and BOMBARDIER. A CGT50-VTOL is a 4,71 m wingspan T-Tail drone. It uses electric powered motors for take-off and landing and does not require a runway or catapult. In the future, the UL CGT50 UAV will be used for commercial and research projects, including aerial surveillance and inspection of (marine) Wind Energy Systems Infrastructure and transmission lines. The team is expected to be fully licenced for drone flying in the coming months. This project has been co-financed by the Marine Institute, Ireland.


UL Open Day 18th January 2020

20th  January  2020

The University of Limerick Open Day was held on Saturday, 18th of January. The Open Day featured a mix of taster sessions and short lectures to provide a feel for university life including presentations and demonstrations on all courses on offer at UL. The stands for each course were installed to help students find out what they need to know. The staff was on hand to answer questions around the areas such as admissions, fees, scholarships, access, careers and cooperative education work experience. The member of our team, Edin Omerdic spoke about AI and underwater robotics applications and the research opportunities in these areas with our centre and the ECE department.


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