Sunday, March 29, 2020
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The newest addition to the CRIS's infrastructures and equipment is our MRE ROV Étaín  - a light weight work class ROV with depth rating of 2000m.

ROV Étaín is fully electrically thrusted with additional hydraulic power unit for underwater intervention. It has a LARS/TMS system allowing it to perform deep operations, as well as free swimming operations. Using the OceanRINGS software, developed here at CRIS, we can offer better control and stability throughout operations, even in high energy environment. ROV Étaín is equipped with a variety of sensors and tooling, such as: fibre gyro INS and DVL, sonars - forward looking, side scan and bathymetric, sound velocity probe, depth and altitude sensors, GNSS while on surface, high definition cameras, lights and manipulators.

Download full MRE ROV spec
For ROV ops and equipment hire contact: Gerard Dooly or Daniel Toal.