Monday, April 12, 2021
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Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems

Established in 2000, the Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems (CRIS) is the only research centre focused on the application and development of marine robotics within the island of Ireland. From marine platforms to navigation, sensor development, emergency response planning, remote operated vehicle (ROV) and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies, we are actively involved in developing a diverse range of robotic systems. CRIS is an integral part of MaREI, the SFI Centre for Marine & Renewable Energy, and is involved across national, European and direct industry collaborative projects. Core research activities include:

  1. Remotely operated vehicles (ROV Étaín, ROV Éad & ROV LATIS) smart systems with fault tolerant control, auto tuning, one-click auto survey, augmented reality visualisations (transparent ocean piloting environment).

  2. Remote & auto flight control of tethered parafoil kites for airborne wind energy & aerial sensor/comms platforms.

  3. UAV systems for marine environments, VTOL (vertical take off and landing) and Hydbrid (VTOL and winged). 

  4. Sensor telemetry streaming from fixed wing aircraft.

  5. Emergency response exercise planning & coordination. UAVs deployed in segregated airspace over three day exercise. Key partners: Irish Aviation Authority, Irish Naval Service, Irish Coast Guard, Commissioner of Irish Lights.

  6. Long Range High Bandwidth comms- remote presence, live interaction with distant robotic vehicles independent of existing infrastructure.

  7. Ocean sensing platforms with daughter mini ROVs- for persistent remote presence offshore with global satellite comms (controlled & monitored anywhere in world independent of existing infrastructure).

Over the last ten years the CRIS research centre has developed OceanRINGS - a suite of smart technologies for subsea operations, designed to be integrated with any ROV – support vessel combination. It includes advanced control solutions for the full range of ROVs – from mini ROVs used for remote monitoring & inspection to full-size work-class ROVs. ROV Étaín, LATIS and Éad are each controlled within the OceanRINGS piloting and control environment. System validation and technology demonstration has been performed over the last ten years through a series of test trials with different support vessels off the north, south and west coast of Ireland, in Donegal, Bantry Bay, Cork Harbour, Galway Bay, Shannon Estuary and La Spezia, Italy.

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